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Your Dream Vacation Photographer is Here. Ten Reasons To Book a Vacation Photographer For Your Next Vacation

Enjoy Some You-Time

1. They are super easy to book

Booking a vacation photographer couldn’t be easier. 

The fun photoshoot!

Meet your photographer at the agreed meeting point and have fun shooting your photos!

Receive your photos!

Receive your high quality photographs in an online gallery from your photographer and cherish the memories!

Family Time

2. Vacation Photographers are affordable

Hiring your own private photographer isn’t as expensive as you may think. Each company offers a number of different packages to suit all budgets . Of course, the cheapest package offers the least amount of photos and the shortest photoshoot period. 

3. Local photographers know all the best spots!

You’ll save yourself hours of research searching for those off the beaten path spots and iconic views when you hire a professional holiday photographer. As locals they have all the insider knowledge, including the best spots, when the best light will be and how to beat the crowds to create those magical photos without one hundred other tourists in the background. 

The Perfect Surrounding

4. They also speak the local language

Speaking the local lingo can come in very handy when taking photographs. Perhaps they can politely ask people to move aside, provide you with spontaneous props or ask to access spots and places that are closed to the public so you’ll end up with completely unique photos!

5. They make awesome souvenirs!

Having the perfect photograph of your holiday can sometimes be the best souvenir you can ask for. There are no amounts of magnets, shot glasses or postcards that can make up for a photo that can be proudly placed on your coffee table or put on the wall. 

6. They are memories that last for a lifetime.

Treasure those special moments such as a surprise engagement, honeymoon, anniversary or annual family holidays. Photos speak a thousand words, so let a professional capture those perfect shots for you so all you have to do is enjoy the moment and look forward to a collection of wonderful photographic memories to look back on. 

Local Photographers Know All The Best Spots

7. Photoshoots are heaps of fun!


With every photoshoot I’ve booked, I’ve always had a lot of fun. When you ditch the stress of taking the perfect picture and let someone else do the work for you, you can finally enjoy the time and the place your visiting. Not only do you get to hang out with a local (and perhaps gain some great insider tips) but the photos you receive will show the joy and fun you were having instead of the frustration and awkward smiles you have to put on when you have to stand and pose in front of a stranger

8. Professionals can offer invaluable advice


I will admit, I do not think I am very photogenic and as soon as the camera is pointed at me, I turn into a wobbly awkward mess, pulling strange ugly faces and sticking my butt out in unnatural poses. A professional photographer can offer invaluable advice on how to pose, stand or which direction to look in to get your best side so you end up with natural, candid and beautiful photographs.

9. They have all the professional gear

If you’re like me, you travel with a medicorce camera and your mobile phone which despite being good quality will never offer you the same quality of photos as a professional camera. Vacation photographers often have a backpack full of different lenses, fancy flashes, reflectors and timers that when used correctly can make you look amazing and create some very unique and dramatic photos. 


Professional, Edited Photographs

10. Professional, edited (touched up) photographs.





You may have the perfect location, light and moment, but the key to a perfect photo is often the post editing process. Professional photographers not only have the skills to take an awesome photo, but they also have the skills to spend some time editing them after your photoshoot to make sure you look amazing. If you have any body concerns or worries, it can be beneficial to let your photographer know in advance, perhaps they can edit out some of your imperfections (although don’t ask if they can make your butt smaller and your boobs bigger – they can’t and won’t!). Once they have finished editing them, you’ll receive an email with access to an online gallery full of amazing profession photographs! 


"What a beautiful way to get to know talented, local artists and capture incredible memories of your travel adventures with loved ones."

Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

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