The Ultimate Guide to Vacation Photographers Are you tired of coming home with the usual smartphone pics and selfies or about having to ask passers-by to take photos of you? Have you experienced that moment when someone asks you for a photo, you take the most perfect shot with the Colosseum in the background but when it comes to your turn, all you get is a blurry close up of your face and cropped out Colosseum? That used to be me, until I started to use Vacation Photographers – the perfect alternative to the selfie! What is a Vacation Photographer?

A Vacation Photographer is a hired photographer who will take professional photos for an agreed cost for an agreed amount of time. When you book your vacation photographer, there is also a set amount of photos included in the package that you can expect. Sometimes you’ll get the exact amount, sometimes you’ll get more which is a bonus!

Everyone from solo travelers, to families, friends traveling together, and couples can benefit from hiring a vacation photographer while abroad and State Side. When you take away the stress of having to take that perfect holiday photo by yourself, and allow a professional to take them for you, it opens up a world of opportunities for fun and creativity. Hiring a vacation photographer for your next holiday destination is the new trend and one I can’t recommend enough having hired one several times this year alone.

Why hire a Vacation Photographer on our next trip?

Long gone are the days when you’d return home from your holidays and create projector slides of the fun pictures you took. These days, vacation pics are uploaded immediately to social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, Flickr, and Trover to inspire our friends and family (and let’s face it to make them a little jealous too!).

Holidays are supposed to be fun, with time spent with your family, partner or friends. You spend a lot of money on it, spend hours researching the best spots for photographs and all the hidden non-touristy spots only to have one of your family members missing because they are behind the camera, or you reluctantly pass the camera to a passer by and end up with blurry photos or cropped out landmarks.

Most of us are under immense pressure to take high quality photos and capture those special memories, but often the stress of doing so takes away from the vacation spirit. That is why hiring a personal vacation photographer solves this holiday dilemma.

There are a number of reasons why having a professional photographer follow you around and capture those special moments is worth spending the bucks. I’ve ditched the selfie stick and hired holiday photographers numerous times on my trips and I love the experience. So why would you pay for a vacation photographer to take photos of you?

Why Higher a Vacation Photographer?

Vacation Packages

Short & Sweet

$ 125
  • Multiple Locations
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Hour
  • 30 High Res Digital Photos

Timeless Souvenir

$ 250
  • Multiple Locations
  • 2 Walkable Locations
  • 2 Hours
  • 60 High Res Digital Photos

Story Teller

$ 350
  • Multiple Locations
  • 3 Walkable Locations
  • 3 Hours
  • 90 High Res Digital Photos

Sight seer

$ 550
  • Multiple Locations
  • Great for Groups
  • Up to 5 Hours
  • 125 High Res Digital Photos
  • A fun experience with a local professional photographer who is excited to share insider tips and the best photo spots in town.
  • A private online gallery with tons of high-res digital photos to pick from – delivered by email within a week.
  • Expert retouching of light, color, and sharpness to make your photos gorgeous. Advanced beauty retouches also available for purchase.
  • Access to our high-end printing partners to turn your digital photos into cherished prints and wall art.
  • Our Peace of Mind policy offering free cancellations up to 72 hours before your photoshoot.

Let's be friends...

Of course I want to give you a new Facebook profile picture – maybe even a new canvas on your wall. But more than that, I want to give you time to reflect on how much your vacation means to you. As you spend several hours on a sunny day loving the beach. fantastic eateries  or shopping our local stores all the while I document those moments. When we’re done, I’ll deliver printed fine art photographs that will last for generations, bringing you right back to that memory, for years to come.


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