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About Me

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m the photographer and artist behind the lens of Samantha Weeks Photography.

My photographic journey began as a child, when I became captivated by the mystery of documenting life on road trips with my father. Photography led me outside the reality of what I knew by exposing me to multiple perspectives and lifestyles. Through this process, I connected to nature and opened myself up to the people around me and the beauty of life.
Every moment we share with our loved ones is a fleeting moment. Capturing them as art in the midst of these loving and precious moments not only provides us with tangible memories, but also has the ability to influence other people, cultures, and values.
Although I gained invaluable behind the lens experiences college, I came to realize that the most crucial components for success already existed within me: self discipline, motivation, and passion.
I started Samantha Weeks Photography to allow myself the freedom and flexibility for personal and artistic growth. I enjoy going the extra mile for all of my clients. I cherish each interaction, no matter how big or small. The slightest gesture or genuine smile can convey the deepest amount of compassion. The most important thing we can do is act out of this compassion and love, which is how I approach all of my work.